Recent Projects

Here are my recent non-university related projects.

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is a action arcade survival game created in 2016 by Future Games of London. The game features a plethora of characters, some with unique abilities and a variety of maps. The game...

Hyper Racer

In this Ludum Dare 47 Entry (Theme was stuck in a loop), you race on the insides of a tube in the depths of space! Compete against yourself for space and master the curvy nature of the tracks. How ...


CH.O.I.C.E.S is a card based strategy game in which the player must keep their company afloat by making important cyber security choices. The game pitches the player in a situation in which they ha...

There's No Place Like Home (Unless Your Flatmates Are Home)

This game was created as a part of the Global Game Jam 2019. You’ve just come home from a long day at work. Hungover from the night before, you just want to go about your evening without bumping in...

Azulgar Star Commanders

Azulgar: Star Commanders is a Sci-Fi Action oriented Sandbox Roleplaying game with strategic elements that puts you in command of a space shit, space station and a fleet in a massive sandbox univer...

Refugee Rescue

This game was entered into the Ludum Dare 42 Game Jam. You are the captain of a modern era cargo ship! You know people are stranded alone, along the coasts of various countries with nowhere to go t...

University Projects

Here are the projects I completed as a part of my university course

Chilly No Mates

Chilly No Mates was a part of our Professionalism module.
We were assigned to teams with other students from the course and told to make a game using the Unity3D engine. My team came up wi...

(C++) OpenGL Anti-Aliasing

This coursework was oriented around creating a 3D scene using OpenGL and applying FXAA to the scene. The Scene uses an FBO to conduct SSAA.

(C++) DirectX 11 Scene

This coursework was oriented around creating a 3D scene using DirectX and creating shaders to complete various tasks.

(C++) Thread Building Blocks

This project was structured to allow us to test and explore the use of threads.